Mostbet privacy policy

When you create an account on any Mostbet platform, you automatically accept our terms of use, including our privacy policy. By agreeing to them, you consent to the processing and storage of your personal data.

This is done in order to improve the quality of Mostbet’s service, as well as to promote fair play and confidentiality principles. For our part, we shall provide full protection of the data we receive. On this page we will tell you all about the current privacy policy at Mostbet.

All about Mostbet current privacy policy

Already the first time you access the website or the Mostbet app using any device, you start sending your data to our servers. This data includes, for example, cookies, and this information is considered personal, because it contains data about your computer’s IP address and operating system.

Thus, personal information is absolutely any information that can identify a unique Mostbet user.

When you start the registration process, you enter your phone number or email box. During the account verification process, you send us information about you – first name, last name, address, date of birth, country, etc.. It’s also information about electronic wallets or bank accounts that you use to make transactions. All of this is personal information about the user, which Mostbet processes, protects securely and has no right to distribute. It is stored on encrypted SSL servers with strong antivirus and firewall protection. Also, only a small part of the staff responsible for the safety of this data has access to it.

For what purposes does Mostbet use user data

The data you send is used by Mostbet strictly to improve the quality of the service, as well as to comply with the applicable jurisdictions of the Region in which Mostbet offers its services.

Here are some of the points that make the Privacy Policy and the issue of data collection, storage and processing mandatory:

Rights and obligations of Mostbet in the privacy policy

Mostbet for its part has the right to fuck and process the data provided by users. At the same time, the company is obliged to ensure the maximum security of this data and has no right to transfer it to third parties and is liable for data storage violations. 

In order to comply with this privacy policy, Mostbet shall actively monitor information security and prevent data leaks. Employees who have access to users’ personal information are liable for violations of the privacy policy.

The data sent by users may be used with their consent for advertising and analytical purposes. They are also used for law enforcement purposes and to prevent fraud and money laundering. 

The information can be transmitted to the legislative bodies of the country only in case of an official request.

A user of Mostbet may refuse to send data to our servers at any time. To do this you need to write and send a letter to our official e-mail.